Fresh Cuts


For inquiries about our Value Meat Boxes or ordering that extra special custom cut please contact us at:

Available daily fresh cut steaks, chickens, ground pork and beef and a collection of pork cuts to make any dinner a farm to table success. 


An example of one of our classic meat boxes available for 189$ and a value of well over 200$. A classic collection of local meats and in house made sausages and bacon.
One of our meat boxes made in house weekly. A value of well over 200$ available weekly for 189$ 
A collection of local meats, in house produced gourmet sausages and bacon as well as brined whole chickens. 
The perfect way to fill up your freezer and bring a little local to you table.









Fresh Wagyu from Whispering winds farm.
Graded in A3-A4 and available daily
in our high end freezer section daily. 
Let us know what you are looking for our dedicated team of artisanal butchers can help guide you to the perfect cut of meat or prepare something special just for you.